Know your enemy? 

Allahu Akbar means Allah is GREATER. In Arabic there is a clear distinction between “great” — كبير (kebir) — and “greater” — أكبر (akbar). The words are not interchangeable.  "Allahu Akbar" means Allah is GREATER. It is supremacist.  Whether used in prayer or with sword, it's meaning does not change. Greater than what you may ask? The fact that it is a war cry meaning Allah is greater than God is the answer.

A factual history lesson about Islam and Jerusalem.

Mohamedism & Communism  are Dogmas that will gnaw away at the pillars of America's Laws, wherever they are granted the space to do so.  This page is about Mohamed's methods of subversion.


 Unlike all other nations which recognize international neighbors by their status as British, German, Dutch, Indian, Chinese etc., political Islam considers itself  the borderless "Nation of Islam" – the "UMMAH".  Islam regards all non-Muslim nations as one entity,  one “Nation” all lumped together called “Dar al-Harb” - the abode of WAR.   As a rule, historically, pragmatically, and operationally, all Islamists must be viewed as those who conduct combat operations, or those who actively or passively support combat operations, and lie about it (taqiyya). There might be exceptions, but those exceptions don't make the rules.    


Arm yourselves with knowledge: The West must understand the Islamic mentality of The House of Islam (Dar al-Islam).  Their Mohamidan law is found in their Qur’an, Hadith & Sira, providing specific war instructions fueling over 1,400 years of Islamic terrorism.  Islam is a political movement designed by Mohamet.


      In America, CAIR encourages all Moslims to have this copy at all times! 
Download a copy, it is sizable, be patient.

  ramadan &
IFTAR  Iftar (Arabic: إفطارifṭār  In 610 AD, The first verses of the Koran (Qu'ran) were "revealed" to Muhammad during the last third of Ramadan, IFTAR celebrates the purported event.  MO on June 8, 632. 
is the sacrifice of a livestock during Eid-ul-Adha.




 The Art of Extremism- Challenging Radical Dawa

Why Nazism Was Socialism and Why Socialism Is Totalitarian 

Here is the Order of Mohamet: Civilization Jihad  - enforce Mohamet's law
Jihad is a requirement that all Moslims must do. There are three basic types of jihad :
1) BY THE TONGUE (dawah and taqiyya, lie), example: fabricating court actions and overloading the civil court system with demands. 
2) BY PLUNDERING the non-believers' wealth. Islam doesn't have to blow the non-believers up, it can make them go broke - (ref. Quran chapter 8 on the spoils of war, plundering the unbelievers, expense of military defense, charity only to Moslims)
3) and/or BY VIOLENCE. In Islam, violence is always an option.

THE UMAH  IS the whole community of Muslims bound together by ties of "religion"

Islam's political structure involves the subverted population being entirely subjected to the "absolute authority" of Islam's law.  Islam's term "sharīʿah", from Arabic language,  means a body of moral and religious law derived from  "prophecy",  as opposed to "man-made law" (of non-Koranic origin). al-Huda and Tablighi Jamaat groups are offshoots of the radical Deobandi school of Islam (Deobandi is a revivalist movement within Hanafi Islam).  Tablighi Jamaat is a Deobandi revivalist movement. Tablighi Jamaat have been linked to 80 per cent of all recent terrorist related crimes in France.

FATWA: Al-Azhar Verdict on the Shi’a
"Text of the Verdict (Fatwa) Issued by His Excellency Shaikh al-Akbar Mahmood Shaltoot, Head of the al-Azhar University, on Permissibility of Following "al-Shi’a al- Imamiyyah”School of Thought [aka "Twelvers"]
This Fatwa was announced on July 6, 1959

" 2) The Ja’fari school of thought, which is also known as "al-Shi’a al- Imamiyyah al-Ithna Ashariyyah”(i.e., The Twelver Imami Shi’ites) is a school of thought that is religiously correct to follow in worship as are other Sunni schools of thought.

Muslims must know this, and ought to refrain from unjust prejudice to any particular school of thought, since the religion of Allah and His Divine Law (Shari’ah) was never restricted to a particular school of thought. Their jurists (Mujtahidoon) are accepted by Almighty Allah, and it is permissible to the "non-Mujtahid”to follow them and to accord with their teaching whether in worship (Ibadaat) or transactions (Mu’amilaat)."  

Shafi`i madhab school:  is one of the four schools of fiqh or religious law within Sunni Islam. The Shafi`i school of fiqh is named after its founder: Muhammad ibn Idris ibn al-`Abbas, al-Imam al-Shafi`i, Abu `Abd Allah al-Shafi`i al-Hijazi al-Qurashi al-Hashimi al-Muttalibi (better known as Imam Shafi`i). The Shafi'i school is based upon the theories of the Islamic theologian Abu Abdullah ash-Shafi'i (767- 820). He was from 804 until 810 a student of Malik, the founder of one of the other schools.

The Shafi`i school is followed throughout the Ummah, but is most prevalent in Kurdistan, Egypt, Yemen, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Palestine, Syria and is the school of thought officially followed by the government of Brunei Darussalam and Malaysia. It is followed by approximately 15% of Muslims world-wide.

The Shafi`i "law" is particularly accessible to English speaking Muslims due to the availability of a high quality translation of the Reliance of the Traveler  is the "portable" Islamic law book. Usually only the Arabic will suffice, however, moslims are encouraged to have it with them at all times. Please take the time to at least look at the Introduction and comprehend the absurdity. The Reliance of the Traveler is the book CAIR mentions on its website as CAIR's "authority". " It " the basis for the Islamic legal/political doctrine. The section on Jihad is located within chapter 9, “Justice.” It states, plainly: Jihad means to war against non-Muslims, and is etymologically derived from the word mujahada, signifying warfare to establish the religion. Page 617". CAIR is propagandizing Jihad in The United States of America.

The Shafi`i school of jurisprudence is based on Qur'an (Koran), the Sunnah of the Prophet, Ijma' (the consensus of the scholars), the opinions of the Prophet's companions (mostly Al-Khulafa Ar-Rashidun, the first four caliphs accepted by Sunni Muslims) and Qiyas (though he is known to have significantly limited the scope for using qiyas in deriving Islamic law). His most famous books are Ar-Risalah and Al-Umm. They emphasized the use of proper instibat (derivation of laws) through the rigorous use of legal principles, as opposed to speculation and guess-work. He is largely responsible for systematizing the methods used for deriving Islamic laws.

The Shafi`i school is considered to be one of the more conservative of the four schools of Islamic jurisprudence, but there are many adherents of the Shafi`i tradition who maintain liberal views in practicing their religion. 

A Shafi'i manual of Islamic law that was certified in 1991 by the clerics at Al-Azhar University, one of the leading authorities in the Islamic world, as a reliable guide to Sunni orthodoxy, says that "Jihad means to war against non-Muslims" ('Umdat al-Salik, o9.0).


ISIS IS ISLAM in its purest form. ISIS is political propaganda to trick Westerners into thinking only ISIS is a bad actor. al-Baghdadi is a Phd. and he created his "Treatise on the Cause" declaring Koranic authority to do what he has done.  In fact it has been a war training ground to harden young males to send them off to Europe & America to fight for Islam.   ISIS IS USING THE WAR STRATEGY OF ISLAMC JIHAD.

Of Lawrence, Sykes-Picot and al-Baghdadi (opinion)
"Islamic State's Caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a July 2014 speech at the Great Mosque of al-Nuri in Mosul vowed that "this blessed advance will not stop until we hit the last nail in the coffin of the Sykes-Picot conspiracy."   read more 

TO ISLAM, AMERICANS ARE "Kafir" . Islam devotes a great amount of monstrous energy toward the Kafir. The majority (64%) of the Koran is devoted to murdering/torturing the Kafir, and nearly all of the Islamic Sira (81%) deals with Mohammed’s struggles with the Kafir. The Hadith (Mohamed's Traditions) devotes 37% of the text to destroying Kafirs. Overall, the Islamic KoranicTrilogy devotes 51% of its content to the abominable ruin of the Kafir - so commands Mohamed.. 

Even Moslims don't know the questionable history of MoHAMed. This website exposes the myths of that man. MOHAMED NEVER WENT TO JERUSALEM! read more click link:


About a dozen U.S. mosques in several states are owned or supported by the New York City-based Alavi Foundation,,  which has ties to the government of Iran. One such mosque is the Islamic Education Center in Potomac, Maryland, Guandolo said.

The process continues as “The US State Department then distributes the refugees to nine major federal contractors, six of which are so-called religious charities, but all are largely funded from the US Treasury, at a cost of $1 billion annually. That figure does not include the extensive welfare benefits provided by the US citizens to their new, uninvited and unwelcome guests.  It’s called the Hijra, a mandated Islamic resettlement of the world to spread their beliefs and to force Sharia Law upon all people of the world. 


Maryland Senators want more Syrians resettled in the state; seek to streamline security screening.


DHS Created a Class of *Undocumented* Permanent Resident Aliens in 2013 


In 2013 2,000 Syrian “refugees” were already in the pipeline on the way to US


If Congress does not act, America's population will reach 444 MILLION before 2050! ... Until the 1970s, the United States admitted about 250,000 immigrants each year. Currently, around 1 million legal immigrants and 700,000 illegal aliens come to the United States each year.


"America is being undermined by a tidal wave of immigration,” writes Simpson, noting that “federal agencies collaborate with multinational entities and a universe of liberal organizations to bring in people from all over the world, while so-called ‘Volunteer Agencies‘ (VOLAGs) are remunerated handsomely on taxpayer dollars.” Every year, for instance, the U.S. government allows approximately 1 million immigrants to establish legal permanent residence in the United States. Among them are people from countries unfriendly or outright hostile to the U.S. as an estimated 140,000 emigrate from Muslim countries and an even greater number from communist countries. And these are just the “legal ones”.


Dec. 20, 2012   Terrorists Enter U.S. via Resettlement Program for “Vulnerable Refugees”    "... the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP), it’s a joint venture between the State Department and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the Homeland Security agency that oversees the nation’s lawful immigration. The two agencies are responsible for deciding which refugees are granted USRAP resettlement consideration. ...

Most of the refugee referrals are made by the notoriously corrupt United Nations, which has published an extensive handbook on the subject. In a nutshell here is the criteria; a refugee must have a well-founded fear of persecution based on at least one of the following—religion, political opinion, race or nationality. This means there is a continued need for protection and candidates should be granted permanent residence status with access to rights similar to those enjoyed by nationals, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) guide.




To refer to Islam as a "religion" is propaganda. Islam is first a collection of Political Organizations. The Militarized Political Organizations commonly known as Islam has multiple schools of law . The Salafists do not recognize the division of Islam into branches such as Sunni & Shia, nor do they accept those different schools of law.  Likewise to refer to Islam only as "Sharia Law" gives them an advantage due to our lack of knowledge about their legal systems which powers their variety of Political Organizations. Knowledge is power and we must gain that understanding to defeat this dastardly war machine. The learned approach may be to accept that descriptive differences don't really matter - Islam does not belong anywhere near our Republic.

A Guide to What the House of Congress Actually Does:

STOP ISLAM'S MERCENARY ARMY FROM FURTHER INVADING AMERICA It is up to We the People & we must learn our rightful power. Review the basics, learn more from the Internet:

1.) US Constitution, Amendment IX:
The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

2.) US Constitution, Amendment X:
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

We the People must take our power and vote out all representatives who will not obey.  Our SCOTUS's jurisdictional reach continues to render decisions ultra vires, that is, beyond the jurisdiction's legal power or authority. Congress knows this - We must fully vet those who seek to replace them too.

Chastise Congress for permitting the mercenary army of Islam to invade America for booty! Notify the POTUS to address this war upon our Country! Islam is an invasive, militarized Political Organization. "Religion of peace", it IS NOT!


Maryland Government Going Wild: "Though not the first of its kind, this bill's language may as well be an instruction manual for the incremental funeral of America. Please pass to others.   Gov Hogan's new MD Secretary of Commerce & Dept of Economic Competitiveness & Commerce, effective Oct 1, 2015: The now-Republican version of Gov't-managed "free enterprise." Hah! Creates or redefines 3 corporations, including Maryland Public-Private Partnership Marketing Corporation."  CS


Chapter 141 text (was HB943):


Voted AGAINST by 39 Delegates (most, if not all, Republicans) in House:


Voted AGAINST by 6 Senators:


MD Technology Development Corporation:


MD Economic Development Corporation: and 


Bill summary page:


The Quraysh (Arabic: قريش‎, Qurayš; other transliterations include Qureish, Quraish, Quresh, Qurish, Kuraish, and Coreish) were a powerful merchant tribe that controlled Mecca and its Ka'aba . Mohammed  was born into the [pagan] Banu Hashim clan of the Quraysh tribe.

Today, the five [main] schools of Islamic thought accepted by all Muslims are the Ja‘fari, comprising 23% of the Muslims; Alawites [Alawi] identify as Shiite Muslims, but the sect carried over older beliefs that predate Islam - currently ASSAD OF SYRIA is Alawite. the Hanafi, comprising 31% of the Muslims; the Maliki, comprising 25% of the Muslims; the Shafi΄i, comprising 16% of the Muslims; and the Hanbali, comprising 4% of the Muslims. The remaining small percentage follow other minority schools, such as the Zaydi and the Isma΄ili  - [historically known as the Assassins. Their "leader" is labeled Aga Kahn]  [Salafism is an unfolding transformative movement within Sunni Islam.] 


Alawi schoolAssad of Syria is Alawi. Although Alawi identify as Shiite Muslims, the small sect carries over older beliefs that predate Islam. For instance, Alawites celebrate some Christian and Zoroastrian holidays. And, there are a few other things that distinguish Alawites from most Shiites who, along with most Muslim cults have five pillars of faith, the Alawites have seven. Alawis appear to survive because they specialize in military skills.    Alawis believe in the divinity of Ali, the cousin and son-in-law of Muhammad; other Shiites revere Ali but do not believe he was divine.


Hanafi school: A Hanafi manual of Islamic law repeats the same injunctions. It insists that people must be called to embrace Islam before being fought, “because the Prophet so instructed his commanders, directing them to call the infidels to the faith.” It emphasizes that jihad must not be waged for economic gain, but solely for religious reasons: from the call to Islam “the people will hence perceive that they are attacked for the sake of religion, and not for the sake of taking their property, or making slaves of their children, and on this consideration it is possible that they may be induced to agree to the call, in order to save themselves from the troubles of war.”


Hanbali school: The great medieval theorist of what is commonly known today as radical or fundamentalist Islam, Ibn Taymiyya (Taqi al-Din Ahmad Ibn Taymiyya, 1263-1328), was a Hanbali jurist. He directed that “since lawful warfare is essentially jihad and since its aim is that the religion is Allah’s entirely and Allah’s word is uppermost, therefore according to all Muslims, those who stand in the way of this aim must be fought.”


Maliki school: Ibn Khaldun (1332-1406), a pioneering historian and philosopher, was also a Maliki legal theorist. In his renowned Muqaddimah, the first work of historical theory, he notes that “in the Muslim community, the holy war is a religious duty, because of the universalism of the Muslim mission and (the obligation to) convert everybody to Islam either by persuasion or by force.” In Islam, the person in charge of religious affairs is concerned with “power politics,” because Islam is “under obligation to gain power over other nations.”

However, “if the infidels, upon receiving the call, neither consent to it nor agree to pay capitation tax [jizya], it is then  make war upon them, because Allah is the assistambent on the Muslims to call upon Allah for assistance, and not of those who serve Him, and the destroyer of His enemies, the infidels, and it is necessary to implore His aid upon ev  ery occasion; the prophet, moreover, commands us so to do.” (Al-Hidayah, II.140)


Hussein Ibn Ali, grandson of Mohammed, the prophet of Islam and 
a key figure of veneration for Shia Muslims.


The Ja‘fari JurisprudenceJafri is a surname commonly associated with those who are the descendants of the 6th Imam, Ja'far al-Sadiq, who was a direct descendant of Ali and Muhamad. Since the Jafri clan trace their lineage to Fatima Az-Zehra, they are a form of Sayyed who are the direct descendants of Muhamad. Many Shia Jafris lived in the Iraq, Iran, India and Pakistan.   The School was headed by Imam Ja‘far ibn Muhamad al-Sadiq who lived from 83H (539 AD) to 148H (604 AD). He was born in and died in the city of Madina, and he is the sixth Imam of the twelve designated imams of the school of Ahlul Bayt. Although the fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) was developed by the  Muhamad and his successors (i.e., the imams), the fiqh, as taught by the Shi‘a, did not have the opportunity to be presented to the masses of people because of the political predicament that the Ahlul Bayt suffered under the rulers for many centuries.

The imams refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of the Umayyad and Abbasid caliphs, and their governments; and thus they and their followers were exposed to tremendous harassment and persecution at the hands of the unjust caliphs. Once the Umayyad government became weak, Imam Ja‘far ibn Muhamad al-Sadiq found a golden opportunity to formulate and spread the tradition of the Muhamad and his family. At one time, four thousand scholars, commentators of the Qur’an, historians, and philosophers attended his classes in the city of Madina.

Therefore, he was able to pass down the authentic teachings of the Qur’an and the Muhamad and crystallize them in what came to be known as al-Fiqh al-Ja‘fari, the Ja‘fari Jurisprudence. His teachings were collected in 400 usul (foundations) which were written by his students and encompass hadith, Islamic philosophy, theology, commentary of the Qur’an, literature, and ethics.

After a period of time, three distinguished scholars categorized these 400 usul in four books which are the main sources of hadith for the Shi‘a school of thought. They are: Usul al-Kafi by al-Kulayni (d.329H), Man La Yahduruh al-Faqih by al-Saduq (d.381H), and al-Tahdib and al-Istibsar by al-Tusi (d.460H). These three scholars were known as the “three Muhamads” since their first names were all Muhamad.

While these four books are the main sources of hadith for the Shi‘a, their authors still did not label their books as “sahih” (authentic). Although they did their best to gather only authentic traditions, but if a particular tradition contradicted the Qur’an then it was not accepted as legal and valid. Hadith, according to the Ja‘fari school of thought, are accepted only if the  Qur’an verifies them, since the Qur’an is the only undoubtable source of guidance.



"In the seventh century of the Christian era, a wandering Arab of the lineage of Hagar, the Egyptian, combining the powers of transcendent genius, with the preternatural energy of a fanatic, and the fraudulent spirit of an impostor, proclaimed himself as a messenger from Heaven, and spread desolation and delusion over an extensive portion of the earth. Adopting from the sublime conception of the Mosaic law, the doctrine of one omnipotent God; he connected indissolubly with it, the audacious falsehood, that he was himself his prophet and apostle. Adopting from the new Revelation of Jesus, the faith and hope of immortal life, and of future retribution, he humbled it to the dust, by adapting all the rewards and sanctions of his religion to the gratification of the sexual passion. He poisoned the sources of human felicity at the fountain, by degrading the condition of the female sex, and the allowance of polygamy; and he declared undistinguishing and exterminating war, as a part of his religion, against all the rest of mankind. THE ESSENCE OF HIS DOCTRINE WAS VIOLENCE AND LUST: TO EXALT THE BRUTAL OVER THE SPIRITUAL PART OF HUMAN NATURE. [Capitals are original by JQA]

Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, John Adams and James Madison: Young America’s Fight with Islamism  "By 1815, the United States had been at war with pirates of North Africa and their sponsoring potentates for more than 30 years." 



"Under the guise of fighting violent extremism “in all of its forms and manifestations” in cities and communities across the world, the Obama administration has agreed to partner with the United Nations to take part in its Strong Cities Network program. Funded by the State Department through 2016, after which “charities are expected to take over funding,” the cities included in the global network include [Baltimore] New York City, Atlanta, Denver, Minneapolis, Paris, London, Montreal, Beirut and Oslo."


In support of Islamic Terrorism, Eric Holder refused to indict these Islamic terrorist people/Organizations. The Holyland Foundation Suit includes Joint Venturers*,  people & Organizations in America who have been sending money to Moslim Terror Organizations.  CAIR is one of them:

THE ANNOUNCEMENT:  Sept 29, 2015, Fascist Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch Announces the Launch of the Strong  Cities Network to the United Nations General Assembly


How is the  Federal Administration subverting our legal  Law? & Corrupting Police Departments?  "Through CUIA, our cities are shaping the national debate, working together on implementation, urging the 114th Congress to pass immigration reform, and engaging their local stakeholders in the effort."  Review 83 city Mayors who are taking federal grants, etc. to bring many NWO immigrants and Islamic army mercenaries to the US, all the while Catholic Charities & the Lutheran a Volags are making over $1BILLION a year  to process them - the "immigrant/refugees" are not allowed to hear any preaching either.  The are also enlisting in efforts to convert their police forces into International's "ruled" UN type of policing.   "Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, a Democrat, said welcoming immigrants "is a critical part" of her strategy to grow Baltimore." 


In Fascist Loretta Lynch's Announcemnt to the UN General Assembly on Sept 19, 2015 she mentioned "The Police Executive Research Forum"  - 83 Mayors across our country are participating in the "Strong Cities Network" schism to "internationalize police forces in subscribing cities.  This link is to an un-elected board to lobby legislators. BALTIMORE BEWARE!!!!


Will DOJ ‘Strong Cities’ Put US Under Islamic Law? 


1 of 2)  "Ben Carson says a Muslim should not be president.  But his Business Manager, Armstrong Williams, has, unbeknownst to the good doctor’s supporters, been praising Louis Farrakhan — even urging Chicago to hire Nation of Islam security guards to fight crime." 

2 of 2) Penned by Ben Carson's Business Manager, Armstrong Williams: "To curb Chicago violence, bring in the Nation of Islam". "  The fact is the NOI brings to the table things other private security firms and the police don’t — credibility within the community. The NOI is one of the few community-based organizations that actually recruit in prisons and also offer transitional services to ex-offenders.

One problem cited by HUD with its BALTIMORE contract was that the Nation of Islam’s hiring ex-offenders as guards. But this was actually a strength — the NOI had cleaned up ex-offenders, taken them off the streets, got them off drugs and instilled discipline before redeploying them in neighborhoods they were known and now respected."

3 of 3) Secret Service to Protect Trump, Carson as Threats Grow



LISTEN:  Liberty Works Radio September 10, 2015,
Carroll Confidential

 Liberty Works Radio: October 2, 201
 The Freedom Forum


SEPTEMBER 11, 1683  & 2001  


What are the five freedoms/rights guaranteed in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution? 1) religion, 2) speech, 3) press, 4) right to  peaceably assemble, and 5) right to petition the government! 




Martin Luther, d.1546, wrote: “The Turk is the rod of the wrath of the Lord our God. … If the Turk’s god, the devil, is not beaten first, there is reason to fear that the Turk will not be so easy to beat. … Christian weapons and power must do it…Luther continued: “(The fight against the Turks) must begin with repentance, and we must reform our lives, or we shall fight in vain. (The Church should) drive men to repentance by showing our great and numberless sins and our ingratitude, by which we have earned God’s wrath and disfavor, so that He justly gives us into the hands of the devil and the Turk.
“I am much afraid that schools will prove to be the great gates of hell unless they diligently labor in explaining the Holy Scriptures, engraving them in the hearts of youth.” 


"The reason why the Franks, the Spanish and the Austrians (as also the Byzantines before them) could repel the... [political] invaders at different times in history was that they had a complete disdain for the ... enemy’s outlook. They looked upon the [political army] as barbarians... And with this disdain for the enemy they went to battle. The battle was half won, since it was already won in the mind. They never had the appeasement of the enemy in their minds as had Chamberlain for Hitler or as have Jacques Chirac, Gerhard Schroeder have for the ... [political] Jihadis today and to an extent even Tony Blair and George Bush (when he declares Islam to be the religion of peace).


The fifth column that the Muslims populations in the West represent a heaven sent sanctuaries for the terrorists to whom the ordinary Muslims are loyal. We need be under no delusion that the Muslims in the West are loyal to the country in which they live. No way. They are loyal to Islam and hence to Islamic terrorism.


The [political invaders]  in the West are vipers whom the Western countries have chosen to nurture on their bosom, a mistake that the enlightened Christian kings of the yore did never make. The argument today is that the world has changed, we no longer live in medieval times. Yes sir you are right. But it is the Western world that has changed. The [political invaders] still live in medieval times and nurture a blood feud with the West."  REF: Islam Watch, Telling the Truth About Islam - Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims





"In a real sense, Islam is what Muslims think, say, and do—as Muslims.  ... Islam is a varied and most complex phenomenon. Clearly what is “true Islam” to one Muslim is not to another."   "... the Islamic tradition, in both classical and contemporary manifestations, not only sanctions warfare and violence, but also clearly establishes religion and religious goals as a casus belli—a justification of war."   "Jihad is indeed the “sixth pillar” of the Islamic faith, and modern attempts to minimize or evade this reality are both exegetically and historically imaginative. 


"The missionary vision of Islam includes the eventual personal conversion of individuals, but begins with the establishment of “allah’s reign on the earth.” This can only be accomplished under a Muslim ruler who accepts the advice and direction of Islamic religious and legal experts. In all times and places, political structures are established and maintained through force. Violence is endemic to Islam, but not because Muslim people are more violent by nature; ... It is so because Islam, by its very nature, involves the reordering of human political structures and institutions. And at all times and places, such reordering has and will require the use of force. At a critical moment in his life, Jesus looked into the eyes of Pilate and stated, “My kingdom is not of this world.” Muhammed never made such a statement."  James D. Chancellor  source: 



1) POLITICAL DUALISM  "What legitimate religion would demand that its members either kill or convert people of other faiths? What legitimate religion is intent on imposing its own laws on the rest of the entire world? If Islam were just about praying to Allah and nothing more, we would not be having a problem with Islamism and Islamic terrorists. [Political] Islam has a global mission to take over and run the world according to Islamic Political Law.  how can we call that a religion?" 


2) POLITICAL ISLAMIC "DEMOCRACY": ... To understand a civilisation it is important to understand its vocabulary. If it was not on their tongues it is likely that it was not on their minds either. There was no word in any of the Muslim languages for democracy until the 1890s. .…It is no accident that early Muslims translated numerous ancient Greek texts but never those related to political matters."  Iranian  Amir Taheri

"In the vast bibliography of works translated in the Middle Ages from Greek into Arabic, we find no poets, no dramatists, not even historians. These were not useful and they were of no interest; they did not figure in the translation programs. This was clearly a cultural rejection: you take what is useful from the infidel; but you don't need to look at his absurd ideas or to try and understand his inferior literature, or to study his meaningless history."  Bernard Lewis


3) POLITICAL ISLAMIC LAW in the west is going on uninterrupted due to the utter ignorance of the westerners about Islamic ideology in general, democratic convenience, and also by the "politically correct nonsense" ... by many western politicians by their selfishness and forceful ignorance about the inherent danger of Political Islamic Law.

4) POLITICAL ISLAMIC DEMOCRACY: Democracy is just the train we board to reach our destination.” Islamists step off the train at sharia station, which is a civilization’s distance away from liberty and equality. In a sharia society, “democracy” — taken to mean mere voting — is not a culture. It is just another means of imposing totalitarian sharia. To be sure, it is a means less brutal than violent jihad, but a means to the same sorry end.  Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the President of Turkey

"An Islamic state is essentially an ideological state, and is thus radically different from a national state." 


6) POLITICAL ISLAMIC LAW in the west is going on uninterrupted due to the utter ignorance of the westerners about Islamic ideology in general, democratic convenience, and also by the "politically correct nonsense" ... by many western politicians by their selfishness and forceful ignorance about the inherent danger of Political Islamic Law.


7) POLITICAL DUALISM [The] first principles of Islam are that [the] Koran, Sira and Hadith must be taken as a whole. [C]all them the Islamic Trilogy to emphasize the unity of the texts. The Trilogy  provides the governing charters, complete with laws, punishment, and social behavior for  people subjected to Political Islam. in addition to its religious teachings.  Islam has at least  a dualistic logic and dualistic ethics, which are completely foreign to US.


8) POLITICAL DUALISM  "Our first clue about the dualism is witnessed in the Korans of Mecca  (early) and of Medina (later). The insight into the logic of the Korans comes from the large numbers of contradictions in them. On the surface, Islam resolves these contradictions by resorting to “abrogation”. This means that the verse written later supersedes the earlier verse. But in fact, since the Koran is considered by Muslims to be the perfect word of Allah, both verses are sacred and true. The later verse is “better,” but the earlier verse cannot be wrong, because they accept that Allah is perfect. This is the foundation of dualism. Both verses are “right.”  Both sides of the contradiction are true in dualistic logic. The circumstances govern which verse is used.

  • The closest Islam comes to a universal statement of ethics is that the entire world must submit to Islam. 

  • There is no such thing as a universal statement of ethics in Islam. Muslims are to be treated one way and unbelievers another way.

  • In short, Islamic politics, ethics and logic cannot be part of our civilization. Islam does not assimilate, it dominates.

  • After Mohamed became a prophet,  he never treated an unbeliever the same as a Muslim. Islam denies the truth of the Golden Rule, this dualistic ethic is the basis for jihad. 

  • The ethical system sets up the unbeliever as less than human and therefore, it is easy to kill, harm or deceive the unbeliever.

  • The dualism of Islam is more deceitful and offers two choices on how to treat the unbeliever. The unbeliever can be treated nicely in the same way a farmer treats his cattle well. 

  • Islam can be “nice”, but in no case is the unbeliever a “brother” or a friend. In fact, there are some 14 verses of the Koran that are emphatic—a Muslim is never a friend to the unbeliever. 

  • A Muslim may be “friendly,” but he is never an actual friend. And the degree to which a Muslim is actually a true friend is the degree to which he is not a Muslim, but a hypocrite." 

Bill Warner, PhD: Jihad vs Crusades 

The Life of Mohamed: The Sira - by Dr. Bill Warner
The Sunna of Mohamed: The Hadith - by Dr. Bill Warner 


FREE COURSE ON THE SIRA:  This is a series of radio interviews from The Michael DelGiorno Show on WTN discussing The Life of Mohammed.
Each lesson may be downloaded.  Dr. Bill Warner 


A Self-Study Course on Political Islam, Level 1 (Volume 1)


Muslim Ban is Constitutional & Has Been the Law Since 1952 (local)


Abrogation and the Koran 


CURRENT POLITICAL ISLAM CIVILIZATION JIHAD:  "Their political purpose, ... is to get to Western countries because there they are able to live on welfare and complete hijrah [civilization jihad], Islamic immigration commanded by Muhamad.   Muhamad taught that Muslims must continue to migrate to non-Muslim countries and populate them through birth and conversion until every nation on earth is a Muslim majority ruled by [Islamic Law]. It is then that they will force the minorities to pay jizya, convert, or die on the same sword by which their prophet conquered." 


In a free society, propagating Islamic law/doctrine is contrary to civil and criminal law.  America's Law is the supreme Law of our land. The law of the collective political organizations collectively known as Islam is contrary to American law, therefore not legal in America.

A) Islamists know they cannot destroy us militarily, but they also think that they can do it with political correctness and insisting that we respect their freedom of religion, even though they have no respect for ours. We are extending a welcoming hand to a foreign Political Organization in our country and western culture under the pretense of religious freedom. 

B) America's First Amendment has never been interpreted to give people the freedom to do whatever they want just as long as they do it in the name of religion.
"If the main goal of a religion is the subjugation of all other religions and governments, along with the establishment of a totalitarian legal system, then it [is] legitimate to restrict the free exercise of that political organization with a mandated religion'.  Islam should not have 501(C)(3) status until it can separate its mandated religion and state. 

C) Muslim "worship" is protected under the First Amendment, Islamic law is NOT. Until Muslims – and our government – can accept that, then Islam cannot be considered a religion and Islamic culture does not belong  in America.

D) We must recognize that "religion" is only one aspect of Political Islam’s Charters, their Qur’an(s). The [bulk] of these charters advance ideas, social behavior, and laws that are in direct conflict with Americanism and western laws and values. Teddy Roosevelt once said that to live in America, immigrants must have undivided loyalty to America and to no one else. How is that possible for a people to swear loyalty to American law when political Islam's totalitarian governing laws are found in Qur’ans?

E) If the main goal of this political organization is the subjugation of all other religions and governments, along with the establishment of a totalitarian legal system, then it it is legitimate to restrict the free exercise of that organization including the rules of its " religion." Whether Islam is a political ideology or a hybrid of religion and political ideology does not matter for practical purposes. It is a totalitarian system that aims to impose its laws which will end American freedoms ..., it disqualifies itself from protection by the First Amendment. Moreover, one of the main purposes of the First Amendment is to prohibit  government from establishing a state religion. But the main purpose of Islam is precisely to establish itself as the state religion. In other words, the First Amendment is un-Islamic. Islam’s raison d´etre is to be the established "religion" in every nation.


On video - Florida Professor speaks of Political Islam and why it is so dangerous & infiltrating America. Truth of which few U.S. politicians have the courage to speak.


 The Rise of the Ancient Kingdoms of Assyria and Babylon


18)  614 AD - RISE OF THE PERSIANS - CONSTANTINOPLE - THE CROSS    ‎"The Persians turned on Syria, in AD 614 capturing Jerusalem. They sacked it and carried off what had been for centuries treasured as the 'True Cross' on which Jesus Christ had been crucified. " 

Chalcedon: Heraclius (reign AD 610-641)  (born c. 575, Cappadocia—died Feb. 11, 641, Constantinople), Eastern Roman emperor (610–641) 



"In the seventh century of the Christian era, a wandering Arab of the lineage of Hagar, the Egyptian, combining the powers of transcendent genius, with the preternatural energy of a fanatic, and the fraudulent spirit of an impostor, proclaimed himself as a messenger from Heaven, and spread desolation and delusion over an extensive portion of the earth. Adopting from the sublime conception of the Mosaic law, the doctrine of one omnipotent God; he connected indissolubly with it, the audacious falsehood, that he was himself his prophet and apostle. Adopting from the new Revelation of Jesus, the faith and hope of immortal life, and of future retribution, he humbled it to the dust, by adapting all the rewards and sanctions of his religion to the gratification of the sexual passion. He poisoned the sources of human felicity at the fountain, by degrading the condition of the female sex, and the allowance of polygamy; and he declared undistinguishing and exterminating war, as a part of his religion, against all the rest of mankind. THE ESSENCE OF HIS DOCTRINE WAS VIOLENCE AND LUST: TO EXALT THE BRUTAL OVER THE SPIRITUAL PART OF HUMAN NATURE.


MUST WATCH!!!  “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.”   Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106-43 BC.  This video is witnessing what will be shown to future generations as the reason for the fall of empires. 

EXAMPLES of Islamic Politics in Action:


                          Freedom & Justice Party (Muslim Brotherhood)


Hassan al-Banna  Founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, Ikhwan al-Muslimun.  Hassan al-Banna was an Egyptian Islamic Modernist/Reformist (that is to say, a Salafi)1 and a member of the Hasafiya Sufi order. His father was a recognized Hanbali scholar,3 and by trade a watch maker. While most earlier Islamic Modernists had sought an accomodation of the positive elements of Western secular models, Hassan al-Banna believed that they had become a source of decadence and decay,4 observing ominously that, ...the civilization of the West, which was brilliant by virtue of its scientific perfection for a long time, and which subjugated the whole world with the products of this science to its states and nations, is now bankrupt and in decline.


Furthermore, he believed the West's malady was afflicting the Muslim world, weakening and corrupting it, and "anaesthetising" its faith.6 He created the Jamaat al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun (Society of the Muslim Brotherhood, MB) in 1928 in the wake of the abolition of the Ottoman Caliphate, with the aim of revitalising that faith. The eventual objective was to establish a Government that ruled "on the basis of Muslim values and norms."7 Such a goal, he said, could not be achieved without the re-Islamisation of people of all classes.8 Thus the MB began with the immediate task of carrying out da'wa, and the ultimate goal of establishing Islamic government. Al-Banna also rejected the distinction between lesser and greater jihad as based on a false hadith.9 

8/01/15 ERC [Egyption Revolutionary Council]  Statement on Kerry's 
Visit to Egypt and the Resumption of US-Egypt Strategic Review 


4/25/2011 Team B II Letter to Congressional Leaders on the Muslim Brotherhood Influence in and Penetration of the US Government




Justice and Development Party (AKP) - AKPARTİ"  Turkey's European Union Strategy  The Silent Revolution.    ALLIANCE OF CIVILIZATIONS   The Parties emphasized that developments in Europe and the Mediterranean Basin have further increased the need for the Alliance of Civilizations. They underscored the importance of the Alliance’s principal goals of stemming the tide of polarization between cultures and religion and recognized the need to fight against the risks of xenophobia and Islamophobia in Europe and beyond."" 


RICK PERRY SIGNED A LAW WITH CRIMINAL PENALTIES PROTECTING "HALAL" LABELING IN TEXAS  "halal,"  means "lawful" in Arabic. Halal covers all matters of daily life in Islam..
HB 470 - Engrossed version - Bill Text



ACLJ Sharia Law Defined Booklet   


The Maghreb (المغرب العربي al-Maġrib al-ʿArabī; also rendered Maghrib, or sometimes—though rarely—Moghreb) 


"Collectively, the people of the allied Central Mexican and American city states between the 12th century (AD) and the 15th century Spanish invasion are commonly referred to as the Aztecs." The Aztec capital city was located at Tenochtitlán, which is the site of the modern Mexico city, and their empire covered nearly all of the current country of Mexico, extending down into other regions of Central America as well The Moor invasion in South America.  (1492, Christopher Columbus's landing at Santa Domingo) (Nov 8, 1519,Landing of Hernan Cortes on the Yucatan penninsula). 

the Spanish MUSLIM capital of Cordoba became one of the greatest slave-markets in the world. With the decline of Muslim Spain, this bulk of this trade shifted to East Africa. 


According to historian Richard Fletcher, “Moorish Spain was not a tolerant and enlightened society even in its most cultivated epoch.” On December 30, 1066, about four thousand Jews in Granada were murdered by rioting Muslim mobs–more than would be killed in the Crusaders’ infamous Rhineland pogroms of the mid-twelfth century. What enraged the Granadan Muslims was the political power of the Jewish vizier Samuel ibn Naghrila and his son Joseph: the mob resented the fact that these men had authority over Muslims, which they saw as a “breach of sharia.” The mob was incited to kill the Jews by a poem composed by Muslim jurist Abu Ishaq: “I myself arrived in Granada and saw that these Jews were meddling in its affairs. … So hasten to slaughter them as a good work whereby you will earn God’s favor, and offer them up in sacrifice, a well-fattened ram.”


Brief History of America and the Moros 1899-1920 


History of many cultures/tribes of the slaves of Islam's sword:
the connotation of the term "Moor" has evolved extensively over time   


The Maghreb (المغرب العربي al-Maġrib al-ʿArabī; also rendered Maghrib, or sometimes—though rarely—Moghreb). During 711AD – 713AD Muslim terrorists conquered the Spanish peninsula and imposed the kingdom of Andalus. The conquest then moved into Europe. The Moors were medieval cultures of slaves to Islam called Muslims. They were indigenous to the Maghreb and western Mediterranean basin. The collective of Islamic salves to Islam called Moors occupied and ruled the area around the city of Granada for more than 700 years.

Under Moorish leadership, Catholics and Jews were allowed to practice their religion, although they were taxed heavily. Life in Granada changed radically under Catholic leadership on January 2, 1492, when Sultan Abu‘abd-Allah Muhammad XII, Emirate of Granada fell to the forces of Catholic leaders King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of what is now Spain. This ended the so-called “Reconquista,” a wresting of the Iberian Peninsula from Moorish (Islamic) control.


 History speaks of Muhammad XII crying like a baby as he looked back on Granada when departing - his Mother said "You cry like a baby, you should have fought like a man." 

Catholic leaders ultimately forced Muslims and Jews to convert to Christianity or be tortured and expelled. Some of these conversos (called Marranos if they were Jewish (in medieval Spain, a Christianized Jew or Moor, especially one who merely professed conversion in order to avoid persecution) and Moriscos if they were Muslim, (a Moor in Spain, especially one who had accepted Christian baptism) continued to practice their religion in secret. Thousands more migrated to the Maghreb and the “New World” of the Americas.


Christopher Columbus set sail on August 3rd. of that same year.  Two months and 9 days later, on October 12, 1492, land was sighted.

  • "In his writings, Columbus declared:
    "[O]ur Lord opened to my understanding (I could sense His hand upon me) so that it became clear to me that it [the voyage] was feasible. . . . All those who heard about my enterprise rejected it with laughter, scoffing at me. . . . Who doubts that this illumination was from the Holy Spirit? I attest that He [the Spirit], with marvelous rays of light, consoled me through the holy and sacred Scriptures . . . they inflame me with a sense of great urgency. . . . No one should be afraid to take on any enterprise in the name of our Savior if it is right and if the purpose is purely for His holy service. . . . And I say that the sign which convinces me that our Lord is hastening the end of the world is the preaching of the Gospel recently in so many lands."
  • Christopher Columbus clearly was not the first European to visit the “New World” (Vikings had traveled here centuries earlier), but he first widely publicized, and thus “discovered,” its existence to the Europeans.
  • Columbus named  the island San Salvador.  The English translation of this is "Holy Savior."
  • There is a painting in the rotunda of the U.S. Capitol that depicts the landing of Christopher Columbus, and he is also honored in the frieze around the interior dome of the Capitol."  David Barton


Mecca before Islam. [Idols of the Pagans] The town of Mecca, in a rocky valley with no agricultural resources,  in the centuries immediately preceding Islam into a place of considerable prosperity. There are two good reasons. It is a trading post on the caravan route from the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean. And it has become Arabia's most important place of pilgrimage.  

By at least the 4th century large numbers of pilgrims known as the Quraysh or Koreish arrived in Mecca to perform a ritual act of walking seven times round a small square building known as the Ka'ba (Arabic for 'cube'), it was full of many idols, thier objects of worship. It also included a sacred black stone, possibly in origin a meteorite.


The Quraysh (Arabic: قريش‎, Qurayš; other transliterations include Qureish, Quraish, Quresh, Qurish, Kuraish, and Coreish) were a powerful merchant tribe that controlled Mecca and its Ka'aba . Mohammed  was born into the [pagan] Banu Hashim clan of the Quraysh tribe.

the time of the birth of  Muhammad there were 10 main clans. The names of some of which gained great lustre through their members' status in Muhamed's early Islam as he began to gather his flock. These included Hashim, the clan of Muhammad  (see Hashimite); Zuhra, that of his mother; and Taim and 'Adi, the clans of the first and second caliphs, Abu Bakr and 'Umar I, respectively; and Umayya, the clan of the third caliph, 'Uthman, and his relatives, the dynast
y of the Umayyad caliphs.


When a foreign Political Organization's fundamental intent is to become the Law of our Land, it is in direct conflict with our U.S. Constitution. Brainwashing our children is self-destructive to the preservation of America's legal rights. LINK TO BRAINWASHING CAIR EDUCATION MATERIAL FOR PUBLIC SCHOOLS.  PROPAGANDA OF THE IKHWAN:

Jeremiah 18

Islam being totalitarian political organizations which matured their Law according to the purported musings of the pagan Mohamed who in turn fabricated Allah -  a message which is strikingly opposite of God's.  It all boils down to the most important element, God.

America's very foundation is laid upon the Word (Jesus) of the one and only Father/Creator, God - the giver of Liberty.

Allah is not God, period. There is no Liberty in totalitarianism. That is why Islam has never been able to stop its constant state of war upon those who will not succumb to its totalitarianism.

For anyone who believes that God & Allah are the same, they have not done their homework. Allah says that God had no Son - need I say more?

List of Turk Gulen, Charter Schools in the United States 

Islamweb: Khilafah or Calif
He is the one who executes the rules, applies the punishments, make up for the shortcomings and equips the army with necessary weapons. 

Allah's name is only Allah, NOT god.

The Islamic State's (ISIS, ISIL) Magazine
ISIS also accuses the Shiite messiah (Mahdi) of being the dajjal (devil) in league with the Jews.  The Mahdi is a figure who, according to certain Islamic believers, will unify Mankind under Islam after vanquishing a false messiah; Shiites sometimes refer to him as the "Hidden Imam." 

Review the  11TH EDITION OF (ISIS, ISIL) Magazine, A slick, professional expression of the Political Organization of Islam:
Battle of al-Ahzab (referenced in the magazine)

One must check out the "Hadith" with the Koran... It is a collection of "traditions" containing sayings of MooHAM with diatribes of his daily practices (the Sunna). It constitutes the major source of his violent advice. That is where keel the Kafir (infidel) is a major focus.



1)  Document Reveals Who is Behind Jihadists ISIS Recruitment.  "The document bears the signature of the Acting Qatari Embassy in Libya, Nayef Abdullah Al Emadi, in which he wrote that “the volunteers completed military and combat training with heavy weapons, especially in the camps Zintan, Benghazi, Zawiya and Misrata in Libya” suggesting to send these fighters in three batches over the Libyan ports to Turkey, and then to enter northern Iraq through Kurdistan."

2)  Bill Gates Funds Gulen Islamist Movement
May 25, 2010   "At present, there are 85 Gulan madrassahs (Islamic schools) in the United States, and all operate with public funding.  Look in your area for charter schools run by Imam Gulen of Turkey, but funded with our tax dollars. "At the Gulen schools, students are indoctrinated in Turkish culture, language, and religion so that they may be of service in making Fethullah Gulan’s dream of a universal caliphate a reality. At the Gulen schools, students are indoctrinated in Turkish culture, language, and religion so that they may be of service in making Fethullah Gulan’s dream of a universal caliphate a reality. The madrassahs sponsor Turkish clubs, Turkish language societies, Turkish dance groups, and annual trips to Istanbul.

According to Stephen Schwartz of the Center for Islamic Pluralism, the Gulen schools advance and promote Islamic beliefs; present the Ottoman Empire, which lasted from 1299 to 1923, as a golden age; and serve to rewrite history by denying the Armenian holocaust under the Turks during World War I.

Many of the teachers at these schools are Turkish émigrés with questionable credentials. Some possess H-1B non immigrant visas which should only be granted to individuals who possess “highly specialized knowledge in a field of human endeavor.” The female faculty members appear in their classrooms wearing hijabs and traditional Islamic attire." Bill Gates who is behind Common Core is involved in this movement.

Islam in American Courts: 2007 Year in Review   Legal history is particularly relevant to national security and counterrorism, and not merely because we are a country governed by the rule of law. Judicial opinions are interesting because of the facts they generate. Court cases are an undervalued source of strategic intelligence about the threats we face from radical Islam within the U.S. People is this category generally do not advertise that fact, and being parties in litigation forces them to disclose more about themselves than they otherwise would. Court opinions give us a vantage on the goals and methods of people who are not always willing to be transparent.

The history of Islam in the U.S. courts is not a long one, which is a good thing. It means this aspect of legal history is easily digestible. Most of it comes from the last 25 years. We now have another year under our belts. Which cases from 2007 will future historians and strategists use to glean trends relevant to American national security?