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The skillset Cathey will bring to the Board of Education includes years of experience through her contract business in designing, building, managing and analyzing computer networks, while also managing an agricultural business. The same dynamics of analyzing, planning, working with budgets and collaboration are necessary and valuable as a Board of Education member.  Cathey's campaign is self funded.


Department of Legislative Services: Overview of Education Funding in Maryland -
 Presentation to the House Ways and Means Committee Education Subcommittee. 

Reference documentation:

CCPS Vision 2018

Carroll County Board of Education Agenda Item  Hiring and Departure Analysis

CCPS 2015-2016  Comprehensive Master Plan Update  

CCPS 2015 Five-Year Comprehensive Master Plan  Annual Review of Goals, Objectives, and Strategies

The People's Will:
We must seek to restore "Americanism" 
in our K-12 civics-history curriculum. 

Principles of Americanism
The characteristic that distinguishes our form of government from others is the recognition of the truth that the inherent and fundamental rights of men are derived from God and not from governments, dictators, or majorities.

(1) Combat all anti-American tendencies, activities and propaganda;

(2) Work for the education of ...  prospective American citizens and alien residents in the principles  of Americanism;

(3) Inculcate the ideal of  Americanism in the citizen population, particularly the basic American principle that the interests of all the people are above those of any special interest or any so-called class or section of the people;

(4) Spread throughout the people of the nation the information as to the real nature and principles of American government;

(5) Foster the teachings of Americanism in all schools. 
source The American Legion Americanism Manual

Parents want to know that their sons and daughters are being taught the academics and skills for further pursuits in life - - while also being prepared with the foundational tools that will equip them to take over the important American task of managing government and restraining it within its proper bounds. 

Our republican form of government is a subject that must be faithfully taught in our young people's history and civics lessons, so that they can develop a proper understanding. It is as important a subject as maintaining the breadth and depth of subject content in mathematics, science, English, literature, and the arts. 

In today’s electronic world, and in some education trends, our young people are being influenced to consider America less than a positive presence.  We must reinforce in our children the principles that have made America excel and benefit the world, while preparing them to exist in a global business environment.

It is paramount to teach our children Americanism so they know how to protect and value our sovereign nation when adults.