The documentation  provided  below was copied from http://www.vision.carr.org in April, 2014.  Reading through these documents one can recognize the expensive folly of utopians spending your tax dollars for many things you do not want.  If these are the things you want done in Carroll County, you must have your Government legitimize this activity -  a lone commissioner cannot.  These activities must be approved by the Board of Commissioners.    Read these documents carefully.  Learn how to manage your government.  It's everyone's responsibility.

Review ClearPlan 2030 for Alabama  here  - think this is coincidence?

1)  These documents begin in December of 2012.  
2)  These documents were removed around 7/16/2014. 
3)  Then in August, 2014, changed documents were broadcast with the "copyright"  removed,  a watermark added, a logo design change, and a "Mission Statement" alluding to untrue statements.

Introductory documents

     Letter to participants (PDF)

Meeting documents

     January 18, 2013

         Meeting Notes  ( PDF)

          Cluster Groups ( PDF)

          Timeline (PDF)

          SWOT Analysis  (PDF)

          SWOT Results  (PDF)

          Trends Map  (JPG

          Ideal Carroll County in 2030  (PDF)

    April 19, 2013


               Agriculture cluster presentation (PowerPoint)

               Art, Culture and Recreation cluster presentation  (PowerPoint)

               Business cluster presentation  (PowerPoint)

               Education cluster presentation  (PowerPoint)

              Environment cluster presentation  (PowerPoint)

              Health  and  Well -Being  cluster  presentation   (PowerPoint)

               Infrastructure  and  Transportation  cluster  presentation  (PowerPoint)

               Municipalities cluster presentation  (PowerPoint

               Public Safety cluster presentation  (PowerPoint)

         Grroup  Priorities  from  Ranking  Exercise  (PDF)

  September  20,  2013

               2030 draft document  (PDF)

               Timeline  Draft  document (PDF)

               Community Success in a New Economy with Dave Ivan  (PDF)

   February 28, 2014

               Next  steps  for  each  cluster  (SWOT  Info)  (PDF)

               Carroll  Hospital  Center  letter  (PDF)

Presentation Support

               Cluster  Presentation Template  (PowerPoint)

  Supporting   documents  and  links

        Newspaper articles regarding the 2030 Task Force   (PDF)

        CCPL 2030  (PDF)

        Carroll County Chamber of Commerce Survey  (PDF)

        Smarter,   More  Competitive  Cities  (PDF)  -  Supporting web site

        Carroll's Vision for the Future  -  December  1994  (PDF)


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